Culmination Point is familiar with government sector business models and has clients from both State and Commonwealth departments. CP is also very familiar with key government stakeholder engagements and has been responsible for the formulation of complex and high development agreements with Government entities. CP’s experience extends across the following government departments:

  • Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment.
  • Border Force.
  • The Department of Jobs, Technology, Science and Innovation.
  • The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications.
  • The Department of Transport
  • The National Office of Petroleum Safety and Environment Management Authority. 


Culmination Point has extensive experience working within very large infrastructure developments. Our background in positioning both infrastructure owners and EPC companies with successful logistics strategies is paramount to our business. We understand the needs of the sector and our capabilities are extensive.  CP has experience within the following large infrastructure developments:

  • BHPs PACE Project
  • FMG’s Port and Rail Projects
  • Chevrons Gorgon Project

Logistics & Infrastructure

The global transportation and logistics industry is worth $12 trillion annually making it the world’s largest at 12% of Global GDP. The transport industry accounts for 43% of total logistics costs globally. The costs associated with storing inventory represents one-third, with non-trucking modes – maritime, rail and air – under 14% of the total.  Culmination Point has 30 years’ experience in this field:

  • Port Development and Operations.
  • Distribution Network and Warehousing Design.
  • Supply Base Design and Operations.
  • Dangerous and Hazardous Goods Management.
  • Remote Logistics including Pioneering Works and Logistics Over the Shore (LOtS) Operations.
  • Air Freight.
  • Marine Crew Change.
  • Airport Design and Management .
  • Aviation Operations including Semi-Prepared Airfield Operations


The APAC region is seeing unprecedented changes geopolitically. In one generation, military capabilities have moved from large conventional conflicts to regional counter-terrorism operations, and then back to an orientation to large global conventional operations. A key requirement is the ability to support the power projection of large forces into the APAC region. Culmination Points principal Jarod Monaghan, started his professional career in military service and understands the critical importance of strong interfaces between civilian and military logistics; and the need for a seamless transition of the combined assets. CP’s expertise with operating the 3rd and 4th lines of supply ensure that our military customers can focus on core military operations.


Australian mining is enjoying unprecedented growth, with record iron ore exports, and new mining operations commencing almost daily. Culmination Point has extensive experience in the mining sector working with Iron Ore, Coal, Bauxite, Salt, and Uranium products. We have helped develop some of Australia’s largest mining ports and rail networks and developed end to end supply chains for mining clients from inception to completion. Some examples of CP’s mining experience include:

  • BHP Port Area Capacity Expansion Project.
  • Rio Tinto Argyle Diamond Mine-Underground Expansion.
  • FMG’s Port and Rail Construction.
  • BHPs Nelson Point Warehousing Expansion.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas sector is currently at an inflection point. LNG greenfield developments have major entry hurdles of declining markets and increased labour and materials costs. Green energy theory is well established, however, practical applications are difficult to commercialise. Culmination Point has over 15 years’ experience working in this sector and has developed strategies to lower oil and gas supply chain costs. CP is a supply chain innovator and with our alliance partners, we can increase oil and gas cost competitiveness through.

  • Innovative Crew Change Processes.
  • Logistics Sharing Agreements.
  • Increasing Supply Base Throughputs and Lowering Costs.
  • Design and Operations of Decommissioning Supply Chains.

Security & Emergency Services

Logistics is a key element in the success of security and emergency services operations. Global security risks including piracy, cybercrime and corporate kidnappings require strong security strategies and capabilities when operating in high-risk countries. Emergency services/humanitarian logistics requirements share many similarities with military logistics, and our experience in this field allows us to be effective in managing its logistics requirements. Coupled with our alliance partners we have experience in managing logistics for the following events:

  • PNG Tsunami.
  • Indian Ocean Tsunami.
  • Christchurch Earthquakes.
  • Fiji and Solomon Islands Cyclones.
  • Cambodian Demining operations.


The utilities industry comprises several categories including electrical distribution, water supply, telecommunications, and road networks. Culmination Point and its alliance partners have sector-leading experience in supporting utilities to optimise logistics and supply chain requirements.