Australia’s Incredible North West

Australia’s North West is an incredible region. Its beauty, granduer and economic potential is limitless. I recently had the opportunity to spend one week with one of my clients in the far North of WA, a region I have spent much time in, yet each time I visit I become immersed in the full vision […]

Logistics Planning and Australia’s Road Network

In recent weeks, the monsoonal trough has extended down into the Australian continent and many of Australia’s road/network has been impacted. One week ago, to get freight from Perth to Halls Creek in the Kimberley, trucks would have to divert as far east as NSW and travel north again to enable this activity. Then the […]

The Northern Sovereign Maritime Sustainment report

The Northern Sovereign Maritime Sustainment report by ASPI ( Dr John Coyle and Gill Savage) should be commended and studied by those individuals and businesses whom conduct commercial activities in Australia’s North. It is the first paper that identifies the huge potential of Australia’s North in supporting sustained military operations, and the key role of […]

Navy Regional Maintenance Centre opened in Cairns

Fantastic news and a solid initiative by the minister of Defence and the ADF. What’s glaringly missing is the nomination of an RMC for the NW of Australia. Australia’s NW is the likely jump-off point for future fleet and expeditionary operations, it is also the closest geographic point of the Aust mainland for the maintenance […]

Sustainable Design, Construction and Operations of New Port Developments in Australia

Tetra Pods

With the high demand for intercontinental shipping, driven by the growth of world trade, coupled with the increased scrutiny of climate change influences, the environment will become the most important aspect of new port design, construction and subsequent operations. With Australia’s almost total reliance on shipping as an enabler of all Import/Export activities, there is a […]

Decommissioning-the next “big thing” in logistics for Australia

The Australian Oil and Gas sector has entered another phase in terms of its maturity -Decommissioning. A plethora of aging assets and low production fields are due for the final phase of the development cycle decommissioning over the next 10 years, following a similar pathway as the North Sea industry, which began over 10 years […]

Incoterms and your logistics strategy

Decommissioning - Logistics WA

Incoterms are perhaps the most critical element to a Logistics strategy. Short of Logistics infrastructure selections I can’t think of any one element that can more influence on logistics success or failure. When discussion logistics strategy with customers, I am often surprised that organisations are unaware of selected into terms or are unaware of incoterms […]

Reducing Carbon Emissions – A Strategy For The Logistics Industry

The Logistics Industry is a major contributor to our planets overall CO2 burden. Transport emissions (road, rail, marine and air transportation) accounted for 25% of global emissions in 2016. What is even more troubling, is that they are expected to grow at a rate that is faster than any other sector, creating a major challenge to efforts […]