Australia’s Incredible North West

Australia’s North West is an incredible region. Its beauty, granduer and economic potential is limitless.

I recently had the opportunity to spend one week with one of my clients in the far North of WA, a region I have spent much time in, yet each time I visit I become immersed in the full vision and potential of this region.

The Port of Wyndham is a quiet achiever, sitting on the edge of the continent, with deep water berths, huge amounts of laydown, and a very sharp and professional port operator. The port gets on with getting on, and services the region efficiently and cost-effectively (check out the regional fuel prices if you want a measure of success!)

I love my new career, my businesses, and the opportunities that these provide, getting on the ground, where the real Logistics happens, talking to the operators, and seeing the challenges and the successes that happen every day in our regions. Keep your eyes on WA’s far north, especially the Port of Wyndham. Big things are coming!